Upgrading Your Smartphone? Do Not Forget to Take These Steps First!

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your routine, from how you approach cleaning your home and organizing your things, to upgrading your tech devices for the year ahead. Smartphones are one such item that you may be considering upgrading. But, before you happily ship off your old phone to another buyer, the manufacturer, or your cellular service company, be sure to check these items off your to-do list. Doing so will help you avoid potential fraud or identity theft.

Sign out of all accounts.

Be sure to remove every account from your smartphone before getting rid of it. If someone else is able to sign into your accounts, they may be able to use your credit cards, hack your social media accounts, or steal your identity outright. Be sure to sign out of every app you use and anything linked to your virtual wallet. You might also consider changing your passwords immediately after signing out, so that you’ll have an extra layer of protection, should anyone be able to access your username.

Remove SIM and memory cards.

After you’ve backed up your valuable information and photos, it’s time to remove any SIM and/or memory cards attached to your phone. Doing so will help you remove personal information, like contacts, since those are usually stored there. Plus, if your next phone is compatible with these storage cards, you may find that you can set up your new smartphone by simply popping the card into the new device.

Perform a factory reset.

You had your smartphone set up so that it worked perfectly for your needs. When you get rid of it, though, you’ll no longer need to have accessibility features turned on, or a large library of applications. Performing a factory reset is the quickest way to wipe your device of these settings and more. It will also log you out of anything you have left on your phone. But, be sure to delete this info beforehand just in case – sometimes, Android devices will hold on to your personal data despite a factory reset.

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